Song of the Day: You & I


Paper Route was at one time introduced to me as one of the best bands of the alternative underground. I couldn’t agree more! I don’t think they get the credit they deserve. Their vocalist is perfect. Every word they sing has me sold…if ever given the opportunity I want to be front row for one of their concerts.


Song of the Day: Helena Beat


This song reminds me of when I graduated high school–it was one of ITunes free singles of the week, not too soon after that “Pumped up Kicks” blew up the radio and tons of social media sites and top 100 lists. I love Foster the People! I hope you enjoy this! also if you hate Pumped Up Kicks don’t judge this song before you give it a listen!

My Song of the Day: Hurricane.


This is my song of the day…I found it a couple of months back and have since then placed it on many of my spotify playlists. most of the time when i listen to a song it becomes less and less about the sound and more and more about the meaning behind it. This song makes me reflect on how wonderful it is to have someone that gets you/wants you despite your flaws, obscure thoughts or insecurities.

Happy Listening!