way to go.


looks like i broke my small blogging streak. ugh. why are there always so many things I’d love to share with the world…yet I find such a small amount of time to do so? I feel like I have so much to offer, and I want to have it out there for people to see. Yet…at the same time I find myself so caught up with trying to live my life that It’s hard for me to sit and lay it out for those individuals. My main desire in blogging is to discover and observe the people living around this huge, huge world. Their interests, their pictures, even their taste in music. I find awareness to be a really important characteristic for us all to have. We can’t expect to be genuinely caring people without taking a step outside of our comfort zone, and opening our eyes to the complete strangers outside of our door. Oh. but back to my bad blogging habits…. 

Thankfully, the internet seems to be forgiving to a mediocre blogger like myself. so, i’m gonna take another stab at this. wish me luck.