way to go.


looks like i broke my small blogging streak. ugh. why are there always so many things I’d love to share with the world…yet I find such a small amount of time to do so? I feel like I have so much to offer, and I want to have it out there for people to see. Yet…at the same time I find myself so caught up with trying to live my life that It’s hard for me to sit and lay it out for those individuals. My main desire in blogging is to discover and observe the people living around this huge, huge world. Their interests, their pictures, even their taste in music. I find awareness to be a really important characteristic for us all to have. We can’t expect to be genuinely caring people without taking a step outside of our comfort zone, and opening our eyes to the complete strangers outside of our door. Oh. but back to my bad blogging habits…. 

Thankfully, the internet seems to be forgiving to a mediocre blogger like myself. so, i’m gonna take another stab at this. wish me luck. 


Decaf Espresso: be kind to your baristas.


so–let’s be honest, everyone enjoys a nice cup of coffee every now and again, but for Starbucks addicts its a daily must-have. As a Starbucks barista, I can say from first hand experience, how nasty people get before they have their coffee or even just because they have some kind of frou frou drink they think I’ll mess up. I’d have to say some of my most annoying customers have committed at least one of these “please don’ts” to me. So next time you’re thinking about ordering from Starbucks (or any coffee shop for that matter) remember how easy it is for us to slip those decaf shots into your espresso drink or switch out your whole milk for nonfat…we may not fight back verbally–but hey, I’m in charge of what happens behind the bar.

1. Never say can I get a “frappe” This is Starbucks, not McDonalds.

2. Don’t ever say can I get a “blah blah blah” frappuccino off the “secret menu” it doesn’t exist. Now if you wanna say can I get a “vanilla bean frappuccino with raspberry syrup in it” sure! I can do that for you! don’t assume I know what a cotton candy frap is.

3. Don’t come in ordering a Double Chocolatey Chip Frappuccino and say “OMG I NEED MY CAFFEINE” That is a CREAM based frappuccino…there is no caffeine in there whatsoever! ((except for the sugar content what have you.))

4. Don’t say you need a venti hot drink cause it has more coffee in it…believe it or not the grande and the venti hot coffees call for the same amount of espresso shots!

5.Don’t tell me that my cappuccino is made incorrectly…YES it is supposed to have that much foam.

6. Also, please do not correct me when I repeat your order back correctly. you said large…i politely read back venti. don’t say NO A LARGE. 

7. Don’t stand at the end of the bar and say OH, I forgot can I get soy? Honey–I just put the lid on your drink and I have a line of about 30 drinks.

8. Get off the phone pleeeeasssse

9. If you order a drink at 200 degrees, it will burn your mouth…don’t give it back to me and say its too hot.

10. also please don’t order a white mocha, and then after I hand it out to you say oh…that was supposed to be a frappuccino…



So, I for one love a little retail therapy…but I think sometimes it gets a little absurd buying Christmas presents for everyone I know. I love giving something from my heart, but sometimes I feel like its an arms race between finding something meaningful and matching the other’s “amount spent.” This Christmas I want to try to make something personal for each of my parents and friends. I haven’t exactly decided what personal touch I want to place on their gift, but when I figure it out I’ll post it! (I better get on it quickly)…

A friend of mine, an art major, is making dining room glasses from her own design for each of her friends with apartments or households. I think this is a nifty idea that I might give a try! Also handmade ornaments sound fun too! ((or am I just being corny??)) 

Happy Sunday everyone! 

Song of the Day: Helena Beat


This song reminds me of when I graduated high school–it was one of ITunes free singles of the week, not too soon after that “Pumped up Kicks” blew up the radio and tons of social media sites and top 100 lists. I love Foster the People! I hope you enjoy this! also if you hate Pumped Up Kicks don’t judge this song before you give it a listen!